Sunday services

Every Week-

First Service: 9am

Second Service: 11am

What you can expect at New Life Church ...

     For one, you can expect a very friendly atmosphere! Most Guests comment that NLC is the friendliest church they have ever visited! 


     Dress on Sunday morning is what is comfortable for you. We have a wide and varied group of people and chances are you'll see someone like you. If you care to, you can have some refreshments (free coffee & donuts) before service in the fellowship hall.


     Each Sunday service lasts about 90 minutes. You'll see a 5-minute countdown on the front screen prior to each service. When it reaches 0:00,  the Praise Band leads us in lively, contemporary worship. We sing a few songs and then greet one another.


     Now it's time for a few quick announcements, the offering, (visitors are not obligated or pressured in any way to give in the offering), then Pastor brings an inspiring, encouraging message.


     There is always time for prayer and ministry.

ALL first time Guests receive a FREE gift!   (hint: it has something to do with ice cream!)

For those who attend 3 consecutive Sundays, you are gifted with a FREE, lifetime subscription to RightNow Media, (even if you don't come back after that) which has kids videos, bible studies, inspirational stories etc. 

Contact us

6511 Milan Rd

Sandusky, OH 44870