Our Staff

John Adams - Sr. Pastor     

Pastor John and his wife Diane have three sons, Josh, Jason and Jesse. Pastor Adams has served NLC since 1997 and previously pastored for 13 yrs. in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. He graduated with honors from Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, MN with a Th.B., a Masters Diploma in Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute, and a Masters degree, with honors, in Theology from Oral Roberts University. A man of vision, Pastor Adams consistently challenges us to reach our community to make a difference with our influence for good and for Jesus Christ. In doing so, Pastor has received two very important awards. In 2015, he received one of 3 "Person of the Year" awards from the Sandusky Register, and in 2016 he received the "Ohio Civilian of the Year" award from the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police Foundation.   Pastor John is also the Chaplain for the Erie County Sheriff's Office, Sandusky Police Dept., Perkins Police Dept., Huron Police Dept. and is also an avid Triathlete.

Diane Adams

Sis. Diane demonstrates sweet strength with her soft-spoken manner and dedication to serving God and others. She is the Leader of the Ladies Ministry Team and was previously elected the Fiscal Officer for Huron Township, where she served for 13 years.

Worship - Randy Gernovich

Randy Gernovich is an accomplished passionate musician who not only leads our Worship Team, but is also the Choir Director for Perkins schools. Under his leadership, our team consistently leads us in worship as we lift up the King of Kings together. Worship at NLC is not a production on Sunday morning...it's a lifestyle!

Guest Services - Lydia Ours

Lydia Ours oversees our Guest Services and LifeGroup, small group ministry. Many times Lydia is one of the first people our guests meet. She is warm, friendly, and loves everyone! Working along side her husband, Dustin, she helps with the Youth and also is a member of our Worship team. She is an excellent organizer and from time to time also speaks on Sunday morning.

Youth Pastor - Dustin Ours

Dustin & Lydia Ours have a passion for Youth, Jesus & ministry. Both have musical backgrounds and are skillful in delivering a contemporary, solid message which reaches the Youth of today! Pastor Dustin is currently making inroads into our local public schools with "Character" programs and "garbonics." (You'll have to ask him about it) Youth enjoy the Awakening Youth services and the fun times they have!

Children's Director - Taylor Matter

Taylor has a passion for kids, teaching God's word and worship! She is the newest member to the NLC leadership team and is doing a great job. Having a great kids program is no accident and Taylor works hard at keeping it lively, fun, inspirational and a time of learning.  Kids just love the Children's Church area because it is anything but boring! That's because Taylor has a great team who is sold out to Jesus and the kids!

Brittany Staples- Administrative Assistant

Brittany Staples is the newest addition to the NLC Staff. She fills the position vacated by Carmen Wallace who faithfully held that position for 17 yrs and desires more family time. Carmen will remain NLC's Book Keeper, but Brittany will take over the day to day responsibilities like answering phones, organizing the office, membership info , banquets etc. Brittany has been a member of NLC for a number of years and comes to us from Stefano Dental. Welcome Brittany!

Joe Wallace - Head Usher

Joe Wallace has one of the biggest servant hearts there is! You may find him carrying an umbrella for a first time visitor or maybe even changing a tire or jumping a car for someone needing help in the parking lot. Joe oversees our Usher team and makes sure security is tight for our Kidz!