Impact Kidz & Kingdom Kidz are part of NLC's HIGH energy kids program which takes place during both regular morning worship services at 9am & 11am. 

These high energy, contemporary programs are designed for your KIDS! It is guaranteed NOT to be boring. Our Children's Ministry Director is
Taylor Matter. Taylor has a passion for kids, teaching God's word and worship! She is the newest member to the NLC leadership team and is doing a great job. Having a great kids program is no accident and Taylor works hard at keeping it lively, fun, inspirational and a time of learning.  Kids just love the Children's Church area because it is anything but boring! That's because Taylor has a great team who is sold out to Jesus and the kids! 

It's not church as usual in the Kidz area! WARNING! If your children attend NLC's Kidz Ministry, they will more than likely beg you to come back!! (this happens all the time!)